Suggested Master of Defense text

These are the traditional Western scroll texts.  Feel free to devise your own, however please make sure that it includes the following critical elements:

  • The award given
  • Name of the award recipient (if the name is not registered, insert “known as” in front of the use name)
  • The first names of the Sovereign and Consort who gave the award
  • The realm in which the award was given
  • The date the award was given

If the recipient wants their *registered* arms on the scroll:

  • The blazon (the official words describing the registered arms)
  • The emblazon (the picture of the registered arms)
  • Note that Grants and Patents of arms often include “achievements” (helms, mantles/acanthus, torse/coronet/cap, crests, supporters, compartment and/or mottos)
Kingdom text

(Insert optional beginning if desired) We, (Insert Sovereign’s first name) and (Insert Consort’s first name), King/Queen and Queen/King of the West, having elevated Our subject (Insert full Name of recipient), to the Rank of Master of Defense in recognition of their/his/her Gallantry and Prowess on the Field, do hereby Grant them/him/her a Patent of Arms. We affirm their/his/her Sole, Unique and Exclusive Right to bear the following Arms in this Our Kingdom of the West: (Insert Blazon). (Insert optional ending and do not forget the date the award was given.)

Alternative Kingdom text

(Insert optional beginning if desired) Inasmuch as We (Insert Sovereign’s first name) By Right of Arms King/Queen of the West and (Insert Consort’s first name) by Grace and Beauty Queen/King of the West, have Created to the Rank and Dignity of a Master of Defense Our Trusty and Well Beloved Subject (Insert full name of recipient), and have made the same on account of their/his/her Gallantry and Prowess upon the field, know ye that We do Confirm, Ratify and Establish unto them/him/her these Arms, to wit: (Insert Blazon) and this We give to the aforesaid Master to Wear, Have, Keep and Use on their/his/her shield as We have commanded it to be described and depicted here in its own colors. In witness whereof We have caused these Our letters Patent to be made. (Insert optional ending and do not forget the date the award was given.)