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The texts below are the West Kingdom’s traditional scroll texts.  If you want to make a scroll for any other award, consider reviewing the text of the award ceremony, however please make sure that it includes the following critical elements.

Scrolls without Arms

  1. Name of the recipient, (if the name is not registered, insert “known as” in front of the use name);

  2. Names of the granting Royalty;

  3. Realm of the granting Royalty;

  4. Name of the award given;

  5. Date of the award;

  6. Space for Royal signatures, (optional if the recipient does not want seals);

  7. Space for a Royal seal, (optional if the recipient does not want seals).

Scrolls with Arms

If the recipient wants their arms on the scroll, the arms must be *registered*:

  1. The registered blazon, (the official words describing the registered arms);

  2. The registered emblazon, (the picture of the registered arms)

  3. Space for a Herald’s signature, (required if recipient wants Royal signatures and seals;

  4. Space for a Herald’s seal, (required if recipient wants Royal signatures and seals.