Getting a Scroll Assignment

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First, become a scribe.

If you already have a particular award scroll in mind, look it up in the Available Assignments report to make sure it is actually available. You may also look for assignments in the Available to Request report, however you take on responsibility to make sure what you produce is actually desired by the recipient. Please ask you signet for more information on this. You can also simply browse the report to look for an available assignment based on the level of the award, the royalty that granted it, etc.

When you have selected a scroll, use the web forms to request the assignment. If you would like one selected for you, contact the Chancellor or local Signet. The Chancellor of the College makes assignments for awards granted by the Crown of the West, and the Principality Signets make assignments for awards granted by their Coronets. Email addresses for all are located here. Additional contact information is available in the Regnum section in the back of the Page under “Lesser Officers.”

You MUST be assigned the scroll by a College officer, in order to prevent duplicate efforts and other production issues. Period. No exceptions. Please do not simply take on the work because someone asked you to – it’s such a heartache to realize that you’ve put hours of artistry and effort into an assignment that someone else already claimed!

After you receive the assignment, you should complete it as expeditiously as possible. Depending on the complexity of the design, your experience level and amount of free time you have available, this might be anywhere from a week to a few months. But if you do not complete the assignment within one year, it may be revoked and returned to the backlog. Please contact the responsible signet if you will have difficulty meeting this timeframe.

The “How To” pages of the College website provide a wealth of guidance and inspiration from experienced scribes – we encourage you to browse through and enjoy! Another great source of support for the working scribe is the various scriptoria (scribal practices) located throughout the Kingdom. When you have finished the assignment, you may return it to any of the Signets. We all work together and will see that it gets to the right one. The responsible Signet will check the scroll to verify the content and evaluate the art, then pass it to the responsible Herald (it includes heraldry) who verifies the accuracy of the award information, the blazon and emblazon, and signs it. The Signet will then have it signed by either the original Royalty who granted the award (if still active) or the currently reigning Royalty, will affix the Royal Seal, and finally deliver it to the recipient.


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