Which of my awards gets a scroll?

Border by Cerridwen Coedwig
Border by Cerridwen Coedwig

Only a few of the many awards and honors given by the Society entitle the recipient to request a commemorative scroll, produced by the College of Scribes as a gift from the Crown. If you are a recipient of one of these awards and have not yet received such a scroll, we encourage you to request that one be made for you. Request a Scroll for your Award

  • Award of Arms level awards:
    • Award of Arms
    • Any of the following, with or without an accompanying Award of Arms:
      • Court Baron/ess
      • Leaf of Merit
      • Rose Leaf
      • Ash Leaf
      • Western Lily

  • Grant of Arms level awards
    • Grant of Arms
    • Guildmaster of Fence
    • Royal Company of Courtiers
    • Western White Scarf
    • Western Gold Scarf
    • Royal Company of Archers
    • Royal Company of Yeomen
    • Royal Missle Company
    • Golden Poppy

  • Patent of Arms level awards
    • Order of Chivalry
    • Order of the Laurel
    • Order of the Pelican
    • Order of Defense
    • Viscount/ess
    • Count/ess
    • Duke/Duchess


Awards that duplicate a previous award are not eligible for a scroll.


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