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-- ' --
'A'isha bint Khalil al Herati to 'A'isha bint Khalil al Herati
-- A --
A'isha bint Shamir to Aetheria the Unremembered
Africa nic Shíomha nic Ghill'onfhaidh to Aldrick the Woody
Aldwin Longwalker to Alisande de Rohan
Alison of Hightower to Amber of Hrafnafjorðr
Amber of Oakden to Angus MacDonald
Angus MacFarland to Annora de Montfort of Shadowood
Annora Marianna Francesca Moro di Castio to Armanna Goldenwood
Arno of Wolfscraig to Azmodeous Victor

-- B --
Baccus Kaloethes to Bianca Isabel d'Orsini
Bianca Rose Byrne to Breock of Whitby
Breona of Owl's Roost to Byran of Edgewood Castle

-- C --
Cadell Glyn ap Gwilym to Carolyn the Wanderer
Carrick McBrian O'Bedlam to Catterina da Calabria
Cawgill of St. Brendan to Chaya bat Avraham Toledano
Cheri Dalyell McDowell to Claus de Saarbrucke
Cledora of Sun Mountain to Corinne of the Mists
Cormac Cane to Cyrus Aurelius

-- D --
D'Elyns of the Scots to David Lukeson
David Mac Curtin to Diana de Savigny
Diana di Ferrara to Dorothea de Algarve
Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin to Dziat Gahl

-- E --
Eadlyne Blackmaene the Lacrimose to Eilidh nic Alpin of Dunollie
Eilionair Nic Griogair to Elisabeth dei Geminiani
Elisabeth Piper to Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld
Elspeth the White to Eric Yebrador ar Hrot
Erich der Helmschmied to Eyvindr Gunnarsson

-- F --
Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen to Fionn Mac Pháil
Fionnghvala Foy to Fyodor the Friendly

-- G --
Gabriel Johnstone to Genevieve Emrys
Genevieve la Joyeuse de Lyon to Giovanni di Milano
Gisela de Kalais to Gruffydd of Rivenoak
Gryffen de Corwyn to Gyßel von den Raben

-- H --
Haarek Stormraven to Helena Ochastka
Helena of Terra to Hypatia de Halcion

-- I --
Iacobo ibnDaoud to Isabeau of Bernay
Isabeau of Golden Rivers to Ivor MacDubhgall

-- J --
Jacinth of the Lion's Gate to Jared of Castlewood
Jarik Ulfsson to Jimena Montoya
Jo Anna of Caerleon to Jon de Malchance
Jon FitzRolf, called the Lean to Jyoti of the Kali Ma

-- K --
K'Alan Tauwen to Katerina dei Medici
Katerina Evstokh'eva to Katrina Mariana del Santo Domingo de Cre
Katrina O'Connor to Kiara nic Eoin
Kiera An Fitheach to Kæll of the Broken Tower

-- L --
La Rana to Leodamas of Thebes
Leofryth Blair Moonsong to Logan Lamplighter
Logray de Montfort to Lyssandre Echlin MacKenzie


-- M --
Macellina of House Persistent to Marc de Arundel
Marc de Beaumanoir to Mariposa de los Montoyas
Marisa de an Ros Deerg to Matriana du Cameliard
Matsumori Naosuki to Mercy the Potter
Meredith Clough to Michal Mandragora
Micheil MacGhillebrath of Dunmaglas to Mordern
Morgan ap Siarl to Mysh Nadler

-- N --
Na'arah bat Avraham to Nyteshaed of Golden Rivers

-- O --
Obadiah the Obstreperous to Oweoin of Mountain's Gate

-- P --
Pachomius Oneshoe of Sauvage to Pauxania de Blanco
Pavel Salamanovich Marcev to Pwyll pen Tyrhon

-- Q --
Quendilin Mortassen de Sapphire to Quirin Taliesin

-- R --
Rachael d'Amour to Rebecca Redarrow
Rebecca the Endowed to Richard de Camville
Richard Giantslayer to Robert of Woodsende
Robert Ringweaver to Rosalie Ashleigh
Rosaline Hiver to Ryun Wulfric

-- S --
Sabatino de Galentea to Sciath inghean Airt
Sciath O'Breaghdha to Shannon-Morgan of Astophar
Shapur Abalhassan Hussein to Sláine inghean Bhloscaidh uí Chatháin
Snorri Randulfsson to Steven MacEanruig
Steven of Norham to Søren j Alborgh

-- T --
Tachibana Kage to Teala of the Red Branch
Tearlach of the Woods to Thomas of Selviergard
Thomas of the Double Axe to Toireasa of Greendale
Tom of Cypress to Tzipporah bat Deborah

-- U --
Ugo Dracul to Uurm-Haelon

-- V --
Vadim Sajir to Victor de la Roche
Victoria Anna de Toledo to Vyncent atte Wodegate

-- W --
Wad Tyler to William Edwin de Gisors
William Fetherstan to Wyomar the Merciful

-- X --
Xandria of Selviergard to Ximon Martillo de Cordoba

-- Y --
Y Blackhand to Yusef Mirrar

-- Z --
Zachary Magnusson to Zubaydah bint Ghazi al-Qasim

-- Æ --
Æoelwig Æoelfwigson to Æshere Beohyll

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