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-- A --
A'isha bint Khalil al Herati to Aelric of South Lake
Aelric Wrathchilde to Alana Balisette of Arakeen
Alana di Blonde to Aleyn MacBryce
Alfarr Utherson to Alwin of Spottiswoode
Alwin the Miller to Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva
Anastasia Dmitryevna to Ann Parkhurst
Anna av Dalarna to Antonia Leonora Dragonsrun de Beaumont
Antonia of the Mists to Artemas Maximus
Arther Bargate of Land's End to Azmodeous Victor

-- B --
Baccus Kaloethes to Bernadette de Costa Tempestad
Bernadette de Faireskiie to Braden Hell
Bran de Bruce to Brianna of Locksley
Brianne de Green to Byran of Edgewood Castle

-- C --
Cadell Glyn ap Gwilym to Carrick MacBrian
Carrik of Hrassvelg to Cawgill of St. Brendan
Cayotana Maria Nadjit to Cheryl of Castlewhyte
Cheryll of Montagne du Roi to Clifford of Cloondara
Cliveden de Cheux to Core de Hingst
Corinne of the Mists to Cyrus Aurelius

-- D --
D'Elyns of the Scots to David Falcone del Phoid
David le CassÚ to Diana di Ferrara
Diana Listmaker to Dorthea Eulenfreund
Dorthea of the Dunes to Dziat Gahl

-- E --
Eadlyne Blackmaene the Lacrimose to Eilidh nic Alpin of Dunollie
Eilionair Nic Griogair to Elisabeth dei Geminiani
Elisabeth Piper to Elspeth Swanwing
Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld to Eric Yebrador ar Hrot
Erich der Helmschmied to Eyvindr Gunnarsson

-- F --
Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen to Fionabhar Lindsay
Fionn Mac Phßil to Fyodor the Friendly

-- G --
Gabriel Johnstone to Genevieve of Long Lake
Genevieve Whytesmith to Gladio di Atori
Glanwyn Ty Meillionen to Guideon of Mac Tir
Guillaume de Vinvert to Gy▀el von den Raben

-- H --
Haakon Adulwolfeson to Helena Lacey
Helena Ochastka to Hypatia de Halcion

-- I --
Iacobo ibnDaoud to Isabeau Marguerite Deschamps
Isabeau of Bernay to Ivor MacDubhgall

-- J --
Jacinth of the Lion's Gate to Jared Galien
Jared le Tregettur to Jill Blackhorse
Jimena Montoya to Jon de Cles
Jon de Malchance to Jyoti of the Kali Ma

-- K --
K'Alan Tauwen to Kateline Deveraux Simpson
Katelinen van Walravenshyde to Katlin Louisa de Navarre
Katlyn Cameron to Khadija bint Junaid
Khadijah al Elikiyyah to KŠll of the Broken Tower

-- L --
La Rana to Leo of Esfenn
Leod of Greenshield to Lochlann Niall MacGhille Fhionnain
Lodema the Potter to Lyssandre Echlin MacKenzie


-- M --
Macellina of House Persistent to Mara of Seamue Haven
Marach of Allyshia to Mario l'Arciere
Marion Weaver of the Wilde Woode to Matriana du Cameliard
Matsumori Naosuki to Meredith of Schramberg
Merewen of Cottesmore to Micheila MacCallum
Michel d'Artois to Mordern
Morgan ap Siarl to Mysh Nadler

-- N --
Na'arah bat Avraham to Niccolo Giovanni
Nicholas Bleumert to Nyteshaed of Golden Rivers

-- O --
Obadiah the Obstreperous to Ox of Clynnah Drakonis

-- P --
Pachomius Oneshoe of Sauvage to Pavel Salamanovich Marcev
Peder Georg Jensen to Pwyll pen Tyrhon

-- Q --
Quendilin Mortassen de Sapphire to Quirin Taliesin

-- R --
Rachael d'Amour to Reba of Allyshia
Rebecca da Firenze to Rianna van Heiniken
Richaila of Caer Darth to Robert of the Isles
Robert of Vinhold to Rory Lom-Chasach an Colin Dall
Rosa di Marco to Ryun Wulfric

-- S --
Sabatino de Galentea to Scapula the Unshod
Scellanus of Skye to Shapur Abalhassan Hussein
Shara Tunoy to Sirena del Cienaga Congelado
Skalla-Grimmr Gormsson to Stevanna of Houghton
Steven de Lile to S°ren j Alborgh

-- T --
Tachibana Kage to Tegan Caerdigian
Teirnion Shadewe ap Griffydd Llanrudd to Thomas of Waverly
Thomas Rumboll to Toireasa of Greendale
Tom of Cypress to Tzipporah bat Deborah

-- U --
Ugo Dracul to Uurm-Haelon

-- V --
Vadim Sajir to Victor Maximus
Victoria Anna de Toledo to Vyncent atte Wodegate

-- W --
Wad Tyler to William Edwin de Gisors
William Fetherstan to Wyomar the Merciful

-- X --
Xandria of Selviergard to Ximon Martillo de Cordoba

-- Y --
Y Blackhand to Yusef Mirrar

-- Z --
Zacharias Rodgers to Zubaydah bint Ghazi al-Qasim

-- Ă --
Ăoelwig Ăoelfwigson to Ăschere Go­i Adulfr

-- Ů --
١rkatla Yngvarsdˇttir to ١rkatla Yngvarsdˇttir

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